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Wakesha Fogle

Founder of WAKE Academy and Consulting LLC,  has devoted the past 20 years to public education. During her career she has been a middle school mathematics teacher, instructional coach, and academic specialist. Mrs. Fogle is commited to sharing her successes and failures while supporting both students and educators alike on their journey to EXCELlence! 

Too many of our scholars, whom we prefer to call “our babies” do not believe that they are capable of excellence. Unfortunately, this belief is seasoned, slow simmered, and ultimately scorched whenever they encounter difficulties grasping a concept, perform poorly on an assessment, or hear the infamous "this is easy."

These are just a few of the reasons why we started WAKE Academy and Consulting. We  consider all of our babies extraordinary, each with their own varying extraordinary needs; therefore, necessitating an extra-ordinary education. WAKE strives to make this a reality through unleashing the potential of both scholars and educators,  while equipping them with the individualized support they need and deserve.

Sound familiar??

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