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Okay, so the summer excitement is beginning to simmer and like many teens you are finding yourself scrolling, trolling, and TV scanning around the clock. I challenge you to re-route your routine just a bit by incorporating some "Commercial WAKES" during your favorite show's commercial breaks.

Before you begin, think of the topic you had some difficulties with last year. Keep it simple!!!! For example, be as specific and "narrow" as possible. Rather then selecting a broad topic such as equations, select one step equations, or equations with variables on both sides, or even graphing linear equations. Now that you have your topic, your are ready to WAKE your commercial breaks.

Commercial #1: Google your topic and select the video tab. Watch the first video that interests you. Try to pick one that is less than 4 minutes or you can always pause and finish watching during your next break. Don't forget to take notes!!!!

Commercial #2: Google the topic again and select the 'more' tab, and scroll down and select 'apps'. Find an app that interests you and is compatible with your device. Now download it!

Commercial #3: Test drive your new app!

Commercial #4: Explore you app some more.

Commercial #5/End of show: Reflect and journal. Scan over your notes, think about any "aha's" and complete the following entry.