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So you made it through your first day of school. Were you like thousands of others and totally exhausted by 4th period???? Well, it didn't help that you had the day before school jitters last night, which led to not being able to fall asleep, or countless episodes of waking up, checking the time, and replaying your upcoming morning routine. Ugh!

Well, you survived!!! Better yet, you did better then survive. You might have had some moments of uncertainty, but if you are honest with yourself, more went well than not.

So, now what?????

Here are 3 power moves you can make to ensure that you are ready to go for tomorrow:

#1- REFLECT: Take a few moments to reflect and take inventory of what did go well and what didn't. If journaling hasn't quite been "your thang", there is no better time to start than now. It is as simple as grabbing an unused notebook or even your school planner and jot/ bullet/ draw/scribble your thoughts. Journaling allows your brain to put your experiences into perspective and relive your positive ones. It will make your brain happy :-).

#2- PREP: This is a must do!!! Before bed, take 10 minutes to prep a.k.a prepare and prioritize for tomorrow. Make sure your bag and supplies for tomorrow are packed up, tidy and ready to go. Nothing is worse then scrambling in the morning trying to get it all together. Believe me, your brain will not be happy with you!

#3- RULE of 3: Write down the 3 most important things you need to have done by the end of the day tomorrow. You can write this on a post-it and put in a spot you will see, or better yet, put it in your phone and printed calendars. You can even crank it up a notch with assigning a time to get it done.

I promise, these simple steps are important keys to starting your day wi